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Industry Trade Survey

The Advantage Group is the drinks association's provider of the Industry Trade Benchmark Programme.

Retailer Report to Suppliers:

  • Reporting from August to October each year;
  • Off, On and Wholesale partners participating;
  • Senior Management, Buying and Supply Chain participants;
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research components;
  • Open to Category One Members;
  • Industry and drinks association member-specific reporting available;
  • Driving change with industry wide buy-in

Supplier Report to Retailers:

  • Reporting from June to August each year;
  • Retailer Executive and Function teams presentation modules;
  • Quantitative and qualitative research components;
  • Both National and Independent partners;
  • Supplier feedback provided by Exec Teams, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Category;
  • Key part of retail partner programs, driving change in collaboration and business planning.

The da & Advantage Industry Trade Base Survey fieldwork (retailer feedback on suppliers) is conducted from approx. April to July each year and delivered to Category One member companies from September each year

The Industry Trade Benchmark Survey is sector based and reports on relevant market conditions.  The survey covers Off Trade, On Premise, Wholesale, and Outlets.

The Industry Trade Benchmark Survey is complimented with a "Mirror Programme" where the supply community reviews the retail community. The surveys are anonymous and are conducted in October and November each year with delivery to the retail community in March/April and May each year.  

Click on the link below to request access to the Industry Trade Survey

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