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the drinks association FAQs

When was the association founded?

Founded in 1897, the association was formed in its first version as the Wine and Spirit Association of NSW.  A small group of liquor merchants from every leading liquor merchant in Sydney came together as subscribed members. Later incarnations focused on lobbying Government for reductions in excise, with all states included in the association by 1935.

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What benefit does a not-for-profit-association have for the liquor industry and its members?

the drinks association is a whole of industry association owned by its members. Profits are reinvested into the growth of the business and into the development of commonly required relevant services aiming to inform the liquor industry with goals of strengthening and creating a financially sound business within the drinks industry. Through investing in itself, the drinks association has the ability to receive services at reduced cost in comparison to individually sourced services.

How do the Members own the association?

The Category One Members are each entitled to representation on the drinks association’s Board of Directors, who govern the association.

Who are the drinks association Partners, Members and Associates?

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Do you have a brochure that lists all the drinks associations’ services, workgroups, reports, events and publications?

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