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drinks History

Back in 1897, the Wine & Spirit Association of NSW was formed. Every leading liquor merchant in Sydney joined. Naturally, they had a lot in common - and still do.

The association went national in 1934 to lobby the Federal Government for a reduction in excise on wine and spirits . . . and guess what? We’re still waiting! If nothing else, we're a patient bunch.

Things went swimmingly for the next 50 years, but by 1991, change was needed and the Liquor Merchants Association of Australia was born.  Ahh, the LMA – those were the days . . . .

In 2012, we became the drinks association, and while our name has changed, we’ve never forgotten our roots -  representing suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners and distributors. But our brief in this ever changing world is so much broader.

We remain an association operating for you, our members.  Remember – we are owned BY you and everything we do is FOR you. 

Our mission is simple

To Connect, Inform, Strengthen and Promote

This means we aim to make your life easier.  To give you insights, share data and to make it easier for you to make good business decisions.  We run the best awards program in the business to recognise our suppliers, and we publish the best and most informative newsletters and magazines.  We run the most relevant and interesting seminars and meetings and we strive to bring you the best thinking from home and abroad.   To be able to represent such a dynamic and diverse collection of people from right across this great land is truly an honour and a great privilege.

Our Vision

To build commercial strength, reduce common costs and provide real value for money to our members


Work continues each day to transform industry thinking from "the drinks association is a nice-to-have" to "the drinks association is an essential extension of my business." By staying clearly focused on developing services the industry truly NEEDS, we are aiming to help build sustainable and financially sound member businesses. And who wouldn't want a bit of that in their life?

   Linked information of allied Associations from Archive documents that are now held by the
   State Library of NSW

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