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[yellow tail] voted world's most powerful wine brand

[yellow tail] voted world's most powerful wine brand

Wine Intelligence’s first Global Wine Brand Power Index has crowned [yellow tail] as the world’s strongest wine brand.

The Wine Intelligence Global Wine Brand Power Index builds on consumer data from 16,000 wine drinker interviews across 15 markets, representative of over 380 million wine drinkers.

Rather than being based on volume of sales, the Global Wine Brand Power Index is compiled based on how much of a connection a brand has with consumers. The Index used 6 inputs measures from consumers: awareness, recalled purchase in the past three months, conversion rate of awareness into purchase, future purchase consideration, and the brand connection measures of affinity and recommendation. The scores were compiled at a market level and were then weighted to reflect the relative size of each of the 15 markets included.

The most powerful brands, at a global level, are driven by two factors: success in the US market as the largest market for wine globally, and consistently strong rankings across a number of important global markets. [yellow tail] scores well on both counts and is the No.1 most powerful brand in both the US and Canada, as well as top 10 showings in Australia, China, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and the UK. The No.2 brand, Casillero del Diablo, holds top 5 positions in a diverse set of markets including China, UK, South Korea, Sweden, as well as No.1 rankings in Ireland, Brazil and its domestic Chilean market. Mouton Cadet and Constellation’s Woodbridge brands take a joint 3rd spot in the global ranking, based on their strong showing in the US market.

In general, Australian and Chilean brands perform strongly across all markets and measures by virtue of the typically extensive international footprint they exhibit. The two countries’ brands account for seven out of the top 15 in the Global Wine Brand Power Index, despite the two countries collectively accounting for just 9% of world wine production.

Commenting on the report, Wine Intelligence’s Chief Executive, Lulie Halstead, said: “Our first venture into measuring brand power in the global wine market has taught us a number of lessons about how to develop effective wine brands in a diverse set of markets. The success of the most powerful wine brands can be attributed to a number of factors, including alignment with consumer taste expectations, consistency of quality, and focus on building good distribution. This is supported by memorable, distinctive and consistent branding, investment in marketing, and an overall professional approach to the discipline of brand management.

“Our congratulations go to Casella Family Brands and Concha y Toro, and all the other brand owners and producers, who have scored strongly at a global level, and who are in leading positions at a market level. One final lesson for me is that I believe our category is becoming more adept at getting their branding and messaging right for consumers, and giving them good tools to navigate what is often a complex and intimidating category."