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WCA event explores American wine palate

WCA event explores American wine palate

Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) is holding an event aimed at helping wine professionals learn more about one of Australia’s most important premium wine markets – the United States.

USA 360 will be a tasting experience focused on the premium wine offering of the US. From the big and bold to the elegant new styles emerging from this diverse market, it will be an evening of learning more about one of Australia’s biggest export hopes and their take on wine – direct from their own vineyards.

A recent report from Wine Australia has highlighted research showing that Australian wine is viewed as value for money, but not as expensive/fine wine among US consumers.

“The US is Australia’s second largest market for wine, and still growing, but there still exists a significant opportunity for Australia to sell more premium wine into this market," said Sharyn Foulis, Co-Chair of the WCA NSW chapter.

"So we were curious to explore, what does the American wine drinker expect from a premium glass of wine? What better way than tasting some?

”Australia imports very little American wine, compared to what we export, so this event offers us the opportunity to look at leading wine styles from one of our key markets and to understand what these wines offer to the American wine drinker."

The event will be led by a keynote speech from Senior Export Manager (The Americas) for Casella Family Brands, Matt Tallentire. At the helm of one of Australia’s biggest exports to the US for just under half a decade, Matt has his finger solidly on the pulse of what makes and breaks in the US and will share his insights on the market, its current performance, and his thoughts about the opportunity for Australian wine in the US.

“The US is a diverse and exciting market which offers huge potential for Australian wine at different price points due to the broad range of consumer demographics and tastes,” Matt commented.

“At entry level, styles most popular with consumers are generous and fruit forward wines that consumers find easy to understand. However, there is also a significant opportunity for premium Australian wine, but that is not without its challenges.

"As an industry we have the opportunity to work together to educate US consumers on the quality and diversity of regions and styles which we can offer. It’s an exciting time for us all.”

A wine expert, will introduce the audience to key US wine regions and popular styles, ahead of inviting the audience to taste a range of premium US wines, including the iconic Cabernet Sauvignons from Ridge Estate and Stonestreet.

The wines have been selected to showcase the most popular categories - including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The event will be held on May 28 at Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Sydney.

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