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Tina Panoutsos elected Fellow of Institute of Brewing & Distilling

Tina Panoutsos elected Fellow of Institute of Brewing & Distilling

CUB's Head of Beer Knowledge Tina Panoutsos been elected a Fellow of The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD), the world’s leading professional body for people working in brewing and distilling.

As an international professional and educational body the IBD promotes the advancement of the education and professional development in the science and technology of brewing, distilling, and related industries.

Panoutsos' co-worker Mark Goldsmith, Brewing Materials Manager, also received the certificate.

CUB said: "Congratulations to both on this big achievement!"

The fellowship certificate is the highest membership grade of the IBD and recognies the pair's substantial contributions to the industry throughout their careers and their dedicated service to the IBD since 1997.

Panoutsos has been at CUB since 1989. She became Head of Beer Knowledge at CUB in October 2018 after two years as Sensory & Consumer Science Manager.

In her role as Head of Beer Knowledge, Panoutsos is tasked with creating and maintaining an immersive beer culture that fosters a desire for further learning and encourages customers and consumers to demand quality beer. 
She develops, implements and manage an engaging, modular and progressive training curriculum for CUB's internal and external customers.

Panoutsos told The Daily Mail she is often asked what it is like being a female in a male-dominated industry, but she has never found it to be an issue.

'When I started I was one of six females out of 45 people in the lab," she said.

'I haven't felt disadvantaged and I've been offered a lot of opportunities. It's about whether you are capable and qualified.' 

Panoutsos has seen big changes in the beer industry in the past 15 year, as local consumers learn more about beer and refine their tastes.

"People are learning more about the raw materials that go into beer, more about the different styles, such as lagers, wheat beers and pale ales," she said. 

She noted that the growth in beer knowledge has also affected the industry and changed the way beer is marketed.

"Twenty years ago we drove consumer choice, but now we are also being driven by consumer choice," she said.