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Pernod Ricard CEO launches global conviviality campaign

Pernod Ricard CEO launches global conviviality campaign

Pernod Ricard has launched its first global corporate campaign, “Be a Convivialist". 

The campaign is a call to arms to encourage people to exercise more conviviality in a world that is losing real-life connection.

The campaign, which was exclusively launched in China last week during the Chinese New Year celebrations, has already attained 32 million impressions on local social media.

Alexandre Ricard, Pernod Ricard Chairman and CEO, even donned a "Convivalist" sweater to promote the campaign (pictured main), noting on Instagram: "Favorite item in my closet right now - my #Convivialist sweatshirt."

Pernod Ricard based the campaign on the findings of a global survey conducted by OpinionWay in 11 countries - including Australia - which attracted nearly 11,500 respondents. 

Among findings were that 91% of those surveyed believe conviviality to be a source of well-being, with 61% of them thinking the world is less convivial than five years ago.

Alarmingly, 67% of Millenials regret meeting their friends less and less, due to social networks.

As the campaign’s centerpiece, Pernod Ricard has unveiled the documentary "The Power of Conviviality". Filmed without professional casting, it collates the vibrant testimonies of people of all origins from around the world, evoking the importance of what conviviality means to them: shared moments they define as true and authentic, which are a source of honest joy.

The content can be views on a dedicated platform, www.theconvivialists.com.

Ricard said: “There’s a real yearning for connection and sharing in today’s world. Convivialité is more than just a corporate value for Pernod Ricard, it’s our raison d’être – and it’s proudly embodied every day by our 19,000 employees across the globe. This mindset echoes the lifelong motto of my grandfather Paul Ricard, who launched an invitation to all his employees to “make a new friend every day.”