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World's Best Drinks Brands 2018 announced

World's Best Drinks Brands 2018 announced

Interbrand has released its much-anticipated ranking of the world's 100 best brands for 2018, with nine drinks brands making the top 100.

While Coca Cola made the top 10 at No.5, with Pepsi and Sprite also in the top 100, three beer brands and three spirits brands made the cut. 

Now in its 19th year, Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2018 theme is Activating Brave, which examines the role that brand strength plays in the bold transformation of the world’s leading businesses. 

The ranking illustrates the premium a company can charge for brand-name goods compared to other factors such as price or convenience. It also looks at financial performance and how likely a company is to have future success.

“A decade after the global financial crisis, the brands that are growing fastest are those that intuitively understand their customers and make brave iconic moves that delight and deliver in new ways,” said Charles Trevail, global chief executive officer at Interbrand.

“When looking at our Best Global Brands data over the last 10 years, it’s clear that Role of Brand is more important and valuable than ever, and has continued to help leading organizations accelerate growth, even at a time when an overall sense of trust in institutions has been in steep decline. We live in a world where consumers have more power than ever, curating their own personal brands like we’ve never seen before.”

The top drinks brands were:

No. 5 Coca Cola
No. 22 Pepsi
No.33 Budweiser
No. 84 Jack Daniel's
No. 85 Corona
No. 87 Heineken
No. 96 Sprite
No. 97 Johnnie Walker
No. 98 Hennessy (new entry)

According to Interbrand, the top brands should be able to truly know how customers think, feel and behave so they can deliver an ultimate experience.

It said that companies should anticipate emerging customer needs and evolve their business and brand at a speed to adapt to the changing retail and FMCG landscape. The company recognised that leading brands are now collaborating with their customers to put out solutions which brings on board the voice of consumers in every aspect of their businesses.

“Change is imperative, and making bold moves is critical to long-term success. But, it can’t be anarchy. The whole company cannot simply innovate and change now to meet the short term expectations of customers. There has to be a vision which galvanizes the organization and gives it the confidence to make the right choices to transform. After all, that is what a strong brand does: empowers you to activate brave,” said Interbrand.

Here are the Top 10 most valuable brands 2018

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Amazon
4. Microsoft
5. Coca-Cola
6. Samsung
7. Toyota
8. Mercedes-Benz
9. Facebook
10. McDonald’s