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Inside Accolade's new $40million bottling plant

Inside Accolade's new $40million bottling plant

Accolade Wines has given SA Minister Tim Whetstone a tour of its impressive new Riverland bottling plant.

Whetstone, who is Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development (pictured above), noted: "The sheer size of the upgrade is impressive and with wine being bottled at a rate of up to 400 bottles per minute, it's an economic boon for South Australia and the Riverland.

"It was a fantastic opportunity during the week to tour though the facility at Berri."

Accolade Wines’s manufacturing and engineering operations manager, Peter Policki, told The Advertiser the project had gone very smoothly: “In March last year, all we had was 100,000sq m of red Riverland dirt, and in a very short period of time we delivered a state-of-the-art packaging and warehouse facility."

It covers 30,000sqm and holds 27,000 pallet spaces of warehousing, making it the largest grape processor in the Southern Hemisphere.

The facility crushes around 220,000 tonnes of grapes annually; around a third of South Australia’s entire crush.

It exports more 100 million litres of wine around the world annually and more six and a half million litres of that wine is delivered to the UK every month.

“We’ve also added an innovation and wine-tasting room, a place we can take customers through our products and look over our packaging facility,” Policki said.
As well as holding a glass-production line, a cask-production line was also relocated from Berri Estate’s original site.

Berri is currently the largest cask manufacturing facility in Australia and produces approximately 70 million litres per year, almost half of all casks sold in Australia.

“The glass line is a two-shift operation, during the morning and afternoon, and the cask line is a three-shift operation, five days a week,” Policki said.

About 60,000 litres of wine can be packaged through the cask line each day on its two- litre and three-litre runs, while an additional 115,000 litres goes through a day on the four, five and 10-litre runs.

Accolade also has plans to add a second glass-production line.

Policki told The Advertiser that the main driver behind the project was the ability package Accolade products in-house and create a beginning to end supply chain solution all the way to customers.