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How Australia saved Wild Turkey's Forgiven whiskey

How Australia saved Wild Turkey's Forgiven whiskey

Wild Turkey's Forgiven whiskey is the spirit with nine lives.

It was the result of a mistake in the distillery, when an employee accidentally poured thousands of gallons of rye into a six-year-old tank of bourbon. 

"He was put on temporary suspension for two days,” master distiller Eddie Russell tells iNews.

When he calmed down, Russell tried the mix and was "intrigued" by it.

Hence the name of the resulting spirit "Forgiven".

Men's Journal describes the spirit as having "a sweeter taste that many whiskeys, offering notes of vanilla and butterscotch that fade toward a more peppery, earthy finish. It is very drinkable neat, but better suited to cocktails, which offer a better forum for intricate flavours."

But Russell had a hard time convincing his bosses at Wild Turkey, including his father who founded the distillery, of Forgiven's virtues.

However, retailers weren't won over by the new product. Until Australia showed interest in the product, it looked like the batch of 5000 cases, might be poured down the drain.

When Australia offered to take the entire stock, Campari America decided it wanted a slice of the action too.

Still, the company wasn't sure it would release another batch. But sales started skyrocketing.

According to Gruppo Campari, which acquired Wild Turkey in 2013: “Wild Turkey Forgiven captured people’s interest and exceeded expectations. The response in the marketplace has been so positive, we’re continuing to roll out Wild Turkey Forgiven to meet demand.”