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Drinks companies return to Snapchat

Drinks companies return to Snapchat

Alcohol companies including Heineken, Mast-Jägermeister and Campari Group are spending big with Snapchat again following guarantees their ads won't be seen by minors.

Diageo pulled all its spend from Snapchat in January following an ad for Captain Morgan rum being banned in the UK for appealing to under-aged drinkers.

In June 2016, Diageo used an image of a Captain Morgan cartoon-like character as a Snapchat lens, with an animated seagull flying across the screen and voices cheering "Captain."

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that it must not appear again, as no medium should be used to advertise alcohol if more than 25% of its audience is under 18.

The ruling came despite Snapchat informing Diageo that 77% of UK Snapchat users were registered as being over 18.

A Diageo spokesperson noted: "We have a strict marketing code, take our role as a responsible marketer very seriously and acknowledge the ASA's ruling. We took all reasonable steps to ensure the content we put on Snapchat was not directed at under-18s — using the data provided to us by Snapchat and applying an age filter."

Snapchat introduces new initiatives to identify underaged users

According to Snapchat Ads Manager, 54 million US Snapchat users are over 21 years old out of 87 million total.

A Snapchat spokesperson told DigiDay the platform has been enhancing its age-gating over the past year.

The company also said that the platform has used Nielsen data to verify 180 Snapchat campaigns over the past three months, and found they were targeted to the correct demographic with 94% average accuracy.

Frank Amorese, media director at Heineken, noted Snapchat has moved away from age-gating ads purely using users’ self-declared ages and now factors in how long someone has been on the platform, the age of their closest friends and the type of content they view.

If a user declares themselves as 25, for example, but their closest friends are all 13, that person will no longer be targeted with alcohol ads.

“Snapchat has had the most challenges with [age-gating] so they are taking this really seriously,” said Amorese.

Mast-Jägermeister doubled its spend on the platform for its Jägermeister Halloween campaign this year.

The brand created a game called  “Divine the Darke,” Nine Snapchat codes were embedded on Jägermeister brand materials in bars and retail locations where consumers could scan the codes to unlock the Snapchat lenses and trigger showing tarot card readings.

“We really felt this was the best platform to engage with our consumers in the moment," Heather Kozera, vp of integrated marketing at Mast-Jägermeister, parent company to Jägermeister, told Digiday. "When our target millennial consumers are in bars, we know they’re on their mobile devices. We are joining them instead of crashing their party.”

Digiday reported that the AR ads and Snapcodes drove 32 million impressions in 18 days. Of those impressions, 450,000 Snapchat users swiped up into the lens experience, with 6000 users sharing the experience, while 3000 saved it within Snapchat.

Campari worked with Snapchat this year to run a branded lens for SKYY vodka, with digital strategy manager Devin Quinn saying "there is much less of a chance that ads will be accidentally served to someone outside the desired age range.”