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CEO forum: Governing people risks & workforce culture

CEO forum: Governing people risks & workforce culture

Corporate Diversity Pathways and Future Crafters are hosting a Board Directors & CEO Breakfast Forum on "Governing People Risks & Workforce Culture".

This launch event for 2019 is an exclusive opportunity to share and draw upon the business knowledge and expertise of like-minded business leaders in a confidential setting.

The Royal Commission has highlighted how easily people risks and workforce culture can remain obscured. Directors  and CEOs can be surprised by just how damaging the implications can be - financially, reputationally and strategically. 

"The focus of our forum is to help you identify the risks that may be impacting your organisation and explore solutions for greater peace of mind, transparency and momentum," notes Corporate Diversity Pathways, which is an Associate Member of The Drinks Association.

"We'll be discussing how Board and CEO tone serves to shape a future-fit culture and workforce to drive revenue and increase profitability - at the same time growing the contributions and futures of your people."

Special guest will be Vaughn Richtor, former CEO of ING Direct, Board Advisor, Chairman of Ratesetter Australia, NED of TMB Bank, Thailand and Australian Financial Services Executive of the Year - 2015.

Richtor will be joined by Corporate Diversity Pathways CEO Jeromine Alpe and Future Crafters Director Elisa Hukins. 

Topics to be explored will be how to identify, mitigate and monitor people risks for stronger governance; how to 'reset' the tone at the top as a powerful incentive to shape an innovative, diverse and inclusive workforce and culture; and how top-led governance practices will gain momentum to shape your future-fit workforce.


Date: Thursday, March 28

Time: 8am – 10:30am

Location: Barooga, Suite 8 Level 3, 7 Bridge Street, Sydney