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Berri Estates evacuated following bomb scare

Berri Estates evacuated following bomb scare

Hundreds of workers were evacuated from Accolade Wines' Berri Estates facility in the Riverland earlier this week following a bomb threat.

“Accolade Wines is currently responding to an anonymous threat that was received,” a spokesperson told the Murray Pioneer.

“Our highest priority is the safety of our employees and all staff on site are safe and accounted for. The company is cooperating with the South Australian Police to resolve the issue.”

Two Adelaide contractors told the Murray Pioneer the evacuation occurred at around 11.30am. “We were told the alleged bomb was meant to go off at 1.42pm,” one said.

“But as you can see it hasn’t gone off… we aren’t too worried about it.”

All the winery’s staff were evacuated to a safe zone alongside a nearby furniture store, with police setting up traffic blocks on surrounding roads.

SA Police confirmed to the Murray Pioneer that a bomb threat had been received, but said it was policy not to report on such incidents "as we do not want to encourage copycat behaviour".

"Police have attended but nothing has been found.”

Accolade officially opens new bottling facility

Accolade officially opens its new $40 million bottling facility at Berri Estate today.

The company said: “This investment is a further step forward in the strategy to expand into new markets and will better serve needs to support the growing business into Asia.”

The facility is the largest grape processor in the Southern Hemisphere, crushing around 220,000 tonnes of grapes annually; around a third of South Australia’s entire crush.

It exports more 100 million litres of wine around the world annually and more six and a half million litres of that wine is delivered to the UK every month.

The facility is one of the biggest employers in the region, with an extremely loyal and dedicated workforce; over 34 employees of 285 have marked over 25 years of service.

Berri is currently the largest cask manufacturing facility in Australia and produces approximately 70 million litres per year, almost half of all casks sold in Australia.