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Australian wine label directory a step in the right direction

Australian wine label directory a step in the right direction

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud has announced the development of a Wine Label Intellectual Property Directory, which aims to protect Australian wine exporters from dodgy copies.

The directory will be searchable by image elements, brand name and publication date and will display a trademarked image of labels, the exporters ABN, brand name and date the label was published to the directory.

"You will not be able to export to anywhere around the world unless you are on this directory, and if you try to, we will stop you, and you will not get an export license. It's as simple as that," he said. 

'We have had incidents in China where we have had knock-offs trying to take Penfolds and calling it Benfolds.

"This rips off our producers, and it also ruins the reputation of our wine when customers expect a quality Australian wine and receive a cheap knock-off.

"If you're on this directory, you'll have currency. You'll have brand Australia behind you. You'll have the green and gold kangaroo that will prove that your wine is actually Australian wine.

The Coalition government has invested $427,000 to create the directory, with its ongoing administration to be funded by industry.

Australian Grape & Wine has welcomed the announcement of an Australian Wine Label Intellectual Property Directory.

“This announcement will help Australian wine businesses of all sizes to protect their brands and intellectual property from those who seek to rip it off” said Australian Grape & Wine Chief Executive, Tony Battaglene.

“Australia’s reputation as an exporter of premium wines has not happened by accident. Over many years, Australia’s wine export approval arrangements have given customers confidence in the knowledge that the contents of a bottle matches the claims about vintage, variety and region on the wine label.

“In the coming months we will work closely with Government as regulatory changes are implemented to support the Label Register,” Battaglene concluded.