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Asahi Beverages commits to 100% renewable energy

Asahi Beverages commits to 100% renewable energy

Asahi Beverages has committed to the use of 100% renewable electricity across its operations in Australia and New Zealand by 2025.

Asahi Beverages is aligned with its global parent company, Asahi Group Holdings’s ambition of being carbon zero by 2050.

Asahi Beverages Chairman, Peter Margin said: “Achieving this outcome is important to us, and we are working towards this via various means, which will also include 100% renewable energy.

“Moving towards 100% renewable energy is the right thing for us as a major manufacturer. We have been working on a plan to do this as part of our overall sustainability agenda. It’s a step further in the right direction towards achieving zero carbon emissions.”

Last month, Lion committed to become Australasia’s first large-scale carbon neutral brewer in 2020.

The brewery announced it will achieve this by compounding its carbon reduction program with certified carbon credits that will offset its remaining organisational carbon footprint.

Carlton and United Breweries has also promised to fuel local operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific praised the breweries' efforts.

"With all major beer manufacturers in Australia having committed to 100% renewable energy, Australians can know that this summer, their eskies are full of beer that will soon be brewed by the sun," Greenpeace Australia Pacific senior campaigner Lindsay Souter.