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Amatil sales team embraces community volunteering with Indigigrow

Amatil sales team embraces community volunteering with Indigigrow

The Alcohol & Coffee sales team at Coca-Cola Amatil recently spent a day volunteering with local Indigenous organisation Indigigrow as part of National Volunteering Day.

It was part of the company's commitment to helping its staff build strong community connections and make a meaningful difference to the causes that matter to them.

Alcohol & Coffee Sales Director Tobias Hoogewerff said: “We know that creating opportunities to make a positive difference in their communities is very important to our people. We chose Indigigrow because they have a strong connection to one of our team. Being part of community is really important to all of us, and supporting our team members is as well. When you get those two together, it’s the perfect match.”

Hoogewerff was among the group of 26 employees to mark this year’s National Volunteering Day by helping out with the community-run initiative, which provides opportunities for young Indigenous people to re-engage with culture and learn about native plants, and helps to restore the native bush that’s endangered within Sydney’s La Perouse area.

Director of First Hand Solutions, which runs Indigigrow, Peter Dooley said he believes partnerships like this play a vital role.

“It was really important having members of Coca-Cola Amatil volunteer at IndigiGrow as it provided us an opportunity to connect with staff, and for them to learn about our local cultural history, and what we are doing in the bush food space," he said. "To be able to have as many hands as we can has sped our program up, I would say, six months.”

Amatil offers all Australian-based employees one day’s paid volunteering leave per year to support a cause that matters to them.

In 2018, Coca-Cola Amatil delivered on its sustainability commitment to invest the equivalent of one per cent of its profit into community programs, generating over $6.2million of community impact and delivering meaningful improvements in employee engagement and satisfaction, and driving a culture of collaboration and social responsibility. Within this figure, the Alcohol & Coffee business was directly responsible for $1,028,670, equivalent to 16 per cent of the Group’s total contribution, and 1.85% of the division’s EBIT. As a result of increased awareness and participation in community programs, almost 90 per cent of Alcohol & Coffee employees rate their employer as being socially and environmentally responsible, according to the 2018 annual Amatil Engagement Survey.

A video of the sales team’s experience at Indigigrow is now available on Amatil’s You Tube channel.